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Pioneer DVD DV-393 firmware Upgrade.
    This article for people who want to modify DV-393's firmware. Pioneer DVD player DV-393 use MT1389FE chipset for MPEG decoder, I found several software for firmware modification on internet such as MTKtool, MTKmpegTool. It's difference from sunplus's chipset and I tried to search them but can't found.

Pioneer DV-393's MPEG decoder unit.

Pioneer DV-393's Power supply unit.

RS232 Connector pinout.

    I've used MTKtool for firmware upgrade, MTKtool require serial port to communicate with MPEG decoder unit, and below figure is a schematic for serial communication.

Schematic for serial communication.

    Firmware modification : I will modify old DVD logo to new custom logo by MTKmpegTool, it is a software for convert image file to MPEG file. Then put a new logo into firmware by MTKremaker.

    Image to MPEG conversion method.
- Open MTKmpegTool, select File->Open (new logo file), image file support are jpg, jpeg, bmp, emf and wmf.
- In the Target field select NTSC for save to NTSC format, select File->Save (save a new file) [ I've saved as logoNTSC.mpg ]
- In the Target filed select PAL for save to PAL format, select File->Save (save a new file) [ I've saved as logoPAL.mpg ]

*** Note ***
    MPEG file from conversion is low resolution. You can use custom conversion for high resolution by edit -b 1000 syntax in a convert.bat file (look at MTKmpegTool folder), it's many help.

    convert.bat low bit rate "D:\Electronics\PioneerDVDfirmware\Software\MTKMpegTool01b1\jpeg2yuv.exe" -Ip -L0 -n1 -v0 -f25 -j "D:\Electronics\PioneerDVDfirmware\Software\MTKMpegTool01b1\logoPAL.jpg" | "D:\Electronics\PioneerDVDfirmware\Software\MTKMpegTool01b1\mpeg2enc.exe" -f3 -n p -b 1000 -a 1 -v 0 -o "D:\Electronics\PioneerDVDfirmware\Software\MTKMpegTool01b1\logoPAL.mpg"

    Change to new bitrate "D:\Electronics\PioneerDVDfirmware\Software\MTKMpegTool01b1\jpeg2yuv.exe" -Ip -L0 -n1 -v0 -f25 -j "D:\Electronics\PioneerDVDfirmware\Software\MTKMpegTool01b1\logoPAL.jpg" | "D:\Electronics\PioneerDVDfirmware\Software\MTKMpegTool01b1\mpeg2enc.exe" -f3 -n p -b 3800 -a 1 -v 0 -o "D:\Electronics\PioneerDVDfirmware\Software\MTKMpegTool01b1\logoPAL.mpg"

    Save convert.bat file and double click it to run a custom conversion.

MTKmpegTool software for image to MPEG conversion

    Well you've got a new logo and ready for replace into old logo by MTKremaker.
- Run MTKremaker software, select File->Open to open Firmware [ I've used original firmware YDA6824A.BIN ]
- In the left pane, select MT31x9->Data->Skin->MPEG 0, see below figure.

Pioneer old logo.

- Right click on MPEG 0 and select Replace menu, browse to a new logo [ logoNTSC.mpg ]
- MTKremaker will be replace a new logo into firmware, as below figure.

New custom logo.

- Right click on MPEG 3 and select Replace menu, browse to a new logo [ logoPAL.mpg ].
- Finally, select File->Save CD to save a new firmware [ I've saved as myFirmware.bin ].

Firmware upgrade preparation.

*** Be careful to upgrade a new firmware *** Before upgrade new firmware please check your AC plug, an AC plug must be unplugged from AC socket!!!
- Run MTKtool software, look at Load bin file and click on browse button to open a new firmware file [ I've been saved to myFirmware.bin ]
- Select MT1389 chipset, select serial port [ default value is COM1 ], and select baud rate in baud rate field [ default value is 115200bps ]
- Click Backup button to backup an old firmware before upgrade.
- Click Upgrade button to start firmware upgrade and wait until upgrade complete.

Firmware upgrade in progress.

- If an error occurred, firmware upgrade incomplete please unplug RS232 connector and reupgrade again.

Firmware upgrade complete.

    Upgrade is now complete, try to test a new firmware by connect a DVD player to TV and power on DVD player, you can see new logo on TV screen.

Testing DVD player.

    Congratulation, you've got a new custom firmware, if you'd like to modify font, icon you can use MTKfontCreator, MtkOsdCreator software. All necessary softwares are add to archive file and downloadable from below link.

*** Download ***
- DV-393 Original Firmware
- DV-393 Firmware version 4.0 [ - Firmware V4.0 detail ]
- DV-393 Firmware version 4.0 new logo
- MTK software
- New logo (NTSC format) edit with Firework
- New logo (PAL format) edit with Firework

Contact : MSN :