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Image2GLCD Image to Graphic LCD converter
    Image2GLCD is an image to Graphic LCD converter writen in C++, data was saved into .c and .h file

  • Support JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG file format
  • Adjust Threshold value for converting grayscale to black and white
  • Invert black and white image
  • Selectable LCD size
  • Selectable Bit, Byte alignment
  • Data save to .c and .h
How to use?
  • Choose Bit and byte alignment for your LCD
  • Choose LCD display size width are 32,64,128,240 height are 32,64,128
  • Click on Open button and choose image file to convert
  • Adjust threshold
  • Click on Invert button If you need to invert image
  • Click on Save button to save data
If you've any question post your question on Forum

Download : [Update 2007-11-08]

2007-11-08 : Fixed missing convertion using LSB to MSB Left to Right bit and byte alignment
2007-11-04 : Added custom size selection.
2007-10-26 : First pubblic release.

Contact : MSN :