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Why AVR Microcontroller
    Whether a particular requirement needs to be implemented using discrete ICs or PLDs or a microprocessor must be determined by the designer. However, many applications could be suitably implemented using microcontrollers, and a great many of them would benefit from using the AVR as outlined briefly below.

Atmel's AVR RISC family of controllers has the following features:

High Performance
  • True RISC architecture
  • True single cycle execution
  • One MIPS per MHz up to 20MHz
  • 32 general purpose registers
  • Harvard architecture
Low Power Consumption
  • 1.8 to 5.5V operation
  • A variety of sleep modes
  • Fast wake-up from sleep modes
  • Software controlled frequency
  • Single cycle and high code density
Scalable In-System Development
  • In-System Programming
  • On-Chip Debugging
  • In-system verification
Development Tools
AVR32 32-bits MCU/DSP available now
More MIPS, less mA - get AVR32!
Atmel has created the first processor architected specifically for 21st century applications that require both performance and low power consumption. The AVR32 32-bit RISC processor core is designed to do more processing per clock cycle so the same throughput can be achieved at a lower clock frequency with substantially less power consumption.

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